Meridian 157: Prologue is the first in a series of point-and-click puzzle adventure games for mobile. Play as David Zander, a forensic meteorologist who was ostracized from society. Living alone in a remote region of Alaska, he discovers a mysterious notification on his weather tracking program, notifying him of an anomaly in the Northern Pacific ocean roughly 400 km south of his current location. Dedicated to mending his damaged reputation, David ventures towards the remote island in hopes to discover the mystery behind the 157th meridian, however, as he will soon discover, the truth is far darker than he could've imagined...

This game's features many of the classic point-and-click style aspects, including:
• Elegant and eerie graphics with atmospheric sound effects and animations
• Lots of challenging and fun puzzles with a dynamic hint system to help people through some of the most difficult puzzles 
• Immersive and custom written ambient music tracks
• Completely free, with no ads or other in app payments
• Multilingual support, allowing users to play in 8 different languages

Release Date: 
• July 3, 2019 for iOS
• July 30, 2019 for Android and Amazon

• iOS App Store
• Google Play
• Amazon App Store

• Steam

• Mac App Store

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Price: Free!

• English
• French
• Italian
• German
• Spanish
• Portuguese
• Russian
• Chinese

• Japanese


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