Starting from where the Prologue left off, forensic meteorologist David Zander now finds himself trapped inside a facility at the location where the weather anomaly is located, a remote island in the Northern Pacific ocean. Without any way to turn back, David has no choice but to move deeper into the island, which he soon discovers is a gateway facility to transport scientists to a larger inland facility, referred to as LAMBDA. What experiments are being conducted in LAMBDA isn't known, but David hopes to find answers as he ventures deeper through the installation.


This games features many of the classic point-and-click style aspects, including:
• Elegant and eerie graphics with atmospheric sound effects and animations
• Lots of challenging and fun puzzles with a dynamic hint system to help people through some of the most difficult puzzles 
• Immersive and custom written ambient music tracks
• Multilingual support, allowing users to play in 8 different languages

Release Date: 
October 30, 2019


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• Amazon App Store

• Steam

• Mac App Store

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Price: $1.99 USD

• English
• French
• Italian
• German
• Spanish
• Portuguese
• Russian
• Chinese

• Japanese


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